Re: Who Produced the First Resin Kit in HO?

Dennis Storzek

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On Feb 7, 2007, at 12:27 PM, gary laakso wrote:

I think William Clouster introduced resin in O scale, ages ago, at
least per Model Railroader. Who produced the first resin kit in HO?
The earliest ones I'm aware of were produced by Dennis Storzek, now of
Accurail. Dennis, who is on this list, may know if there were earlier

Richard Hendrickson
At the time I started, Al Westerfield was already in production, and
had produced several kits. Al was using polyester resin; miserable
brittle stuff that made the molds swell, so if one wasn't careful to
not re-fill the molds too soon, each successive set of parts would be
bigger. I was aware of Clouser's O scale work with aluminum filled
epoxy, and decided that was a better way to go. My problem then became
mold life, as the epoxy tried to do a good job of bonding itself to
the silicone RTV rubber, and eventually succeeded. Both Al and I
independently found the urethane that has become the standard for
resin kits ever since.

While William J. Clouser had already done epoxy resin kits for O scale
AAR boxcars, traction equipment, and even a narrow gauge car, I can't
think of anyone who had an HO resin kit on the market before Al

I find it interesting that people keep asking Al when he is going to
do the Frisco "sawtooth" car. Before I started in the business, I
corresponded with Al, offering to measure and draw a Soo Line
"sawtooth" boxcar if he'd do a kit of it. Al's reply was that drawings
of the Frisco car were already in the Car Builder's Cyc, and he could
just do that car. That wasn't good enough for me, I wanted a Soo Line
car, so I decided to go it alone. Now, twenty-five years later,
apparently the Frisco car still isn't done.


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