Re: beautiful old kit


Garth & Ed,

I have one of the Ulhrich War-Emergency gons also lettered for N&W. Back in 1966 when I was a member of the old Silver Valley Railroad Club in Camden New Jersey, I put it together, but felt it needed a little more weight to track better.

I put several pieces of type slugs that I had gotten when I was still working in printing and put them down the center of the car. Then I loaded the car with coal, after which I put a pair of Central Valley trucks under is and took it to the club.

The Standards Committee had to pass on every piece of equipment before it went onto the club layout. Well, it tracked beautifully, but when they weighed it, I was told that it was a bit heavy. How about 11 ounces! Normally, they would have bounced it, but since it tracked so well and conformed in every other parameter, they grudgingly rubber stamped it okay and it went onto the layout! I still have that car and will eventually change the trucks and put the Kadee scale couplers on it. I have never over-weighted a car since, but it still looks good today, but with that weight, it is still a "Battleship"!

Tom Olsen
7 Boundary Road, West Branch
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479
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