Great Modelers- Bill Clouser and Bill Hoffman. Was: Who Produced the First Resin Kit in HO?

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Its good to hear all of the good recollections of two modeler/giants who I always held in awe- but never saw nor met in person. Bill Clouser taught me modeling with Strathmore- a medium that is still a personal favorite; and Bill Hoffman showed me what fabulous things could be done with car modeling with wood.

Recently, I have been fairly carefully reviewing Model Railroader volumes 1941-46, and I have been struck again by Hoffman's prodigious modeling- 60-70 cars (all O gauge) by about 1942 or 3, all fabricated from scratch from raw wood (commonly including trucks!), all planned only from photographs using some measuring rules-of-thumb that worked well for him. and all finished and detailed in hours (that is, a very few hours- including painting!). Hoffman's cars seemed to be almost exclusively traction and SP passenger. If he did any steam era freight cars, I am unaware of them.

Some of Hoffman's very handsome cars are in the CSRM's Collections, and several are in fact on display in the anteroom to the theatres. I am looking for any eventual opportunity to don the white cotton gloves and at least once carefully examine one of these great models to see "Just how in the world he did it!" I would love to do the same with one of Clouser's models.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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