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Ian Cranstone

On 9-Feb-07, at 1:53 AM, Eric wrote:
Does anyone have an opinion on prototypicality these cars?
More than a little iffy for this crowd. The model is of a late NSC 40-foot boxcar with an 8' door (and for that matter not far from an ECC car of the same time), acquired by CN in 1956-57, and by CP I believe as late as 1961. TH&B also had cars rebuilt with 9' doors, which would look similar (CN rebuilt many cars with 9' doors in later years) but in both of these cases they were drawn from earlier cars built with 6' doors.

These models were offered by H&D Hobbies in Canada a few years ago in various CN/CP markings (and probably TH&B as well), and what we're seeing here is a fresh run in various box-baggage paint schemes. Unfortunately, CN didn't use 8' door cars in this particular service (I'm not sure about CP, but I think this probably holds true for them as well).

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to like this model, I just can't. There has been reference to some really gross rivets already (true, by the way), but there is the opposite problem of the door, which is just too shallow. I also don't like the look of the trucks which just seem too flat. I also seem to recall that the ends are probably too angular for my liking as well. It just looks too much to me like a train set car, except when the price tag is viewed!

Personally, I'd probably start with a Branchline car, substitute resin NSC-3 ends (which are -- or were -- available first from the Canadian Model Railway Parts Guild, and later transferred to Sylvan), and find a PS-1 roof to go with it -- and don't forget those 8-rung Canadian ladders with end stirrup steps! The results will be far more pleasing.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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