Re: The DS/SS split - More Unknowns

Ian Cranstone

Aha, one I can answer...

GTW, XAP, Auto, 572700-572799, 40'6", 6'0", 80000, 39
GTW, XAP, Auto, 572800-572999, 40'6", 6'0", 80000, 67

Both of these series are rebuilds from GTW's 575000-575999 series, all converted with single doors from the original double door arrangement. Cars originally built 1927, and rebuilt 1946. Although I don't have photos of these specific cars, the original 575000 series was a steel frame (single sheathed) design, so I would presume that this would also apply to the rebuilds.

Incidentally, my entries for the July 1950 ORER for the 572700 series show 59 cars.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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