Re: NKP 22100 DD 40' boxcar from NKPHS

Bill McCoy

Thanks Dean and Brian. This looks like more of a project than I want
to get into considering the number of unbuilt cars in the kit bunker.
I like the NKP but it isn't a core railroad for me and I have other
NKP representative cars so this one will go on the block for $10.00
plus postage. Thanks.

If any one is interested pleas contact me off line at

Bill McCoy
Jax, FL

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The car is a stand in at best. The prototype cars had Murphy roofs,
dreadnaught ends are best described as 2.5-3-2.5 ends since as Dean
the panels seem is in the middle of a wide rib. 22000-22249 have
Handbrakes, and 22250-22349 have Ureco hand brakes. Various cars in
series were renumbered over the years for Autoparts service. The
panel and door opening count are correct.
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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Several years ago I bought from the NKP Historical Society a
painted McKean Range DD 40' boxcar with a diagonal panel roof and
ends. Before I spend a lot of time making up for the underframe
other parts shortcomings to get the car up to contemporary
standards I
thought I would see if any one in the group can comment on how
this model is. The car number is NKP 22101 and has a 12' door
The car has 3-5 panel riveted sides and fishbelly side sills.
date which I expect the society researched is 10-29 and weigh data
shows AX 10-52.


Bill McCoy

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