Re: So why are we doing this?

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Title sez it all.

Dave Nelson
Because of those darn Floridians, I suppose. Everybody in the
country is slightly ticked off, and as a result, unpleasantness has
reared its head on FCL (and, I predict, on SteamLocomotives).

I suppose the list also exists to answer questions such as:
Given a commodity that was shipped by tank car, how do I determine
what type of car carried that commodity. Furthermore, how would I
determine what company or companies owned said type of car for that

For example, I recently learned that I need to ship sulfuric acid to
a corn mill (acid was used to produce corn oil). What kind of car do
I use (and more importantly, how can I find out for myself?)?

Should I just commit the ACF book and RPCyc to memory?



P.S. As a reminder, my era of interest is 1950-55.

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