Okay guys, I've been on this darn fool list for 30 hours now and all I've
seen discussed is dates, airplane glues, trolley cars, and casting
resins. When do we get to the important parts of freight cars? Like fer

What is the easiest way to model fingerprints on the inside of grab

What size were the knot holes in the decks of USRA flat cars still in
service in the 40s?

What size were the pivot pins on 1920s era coupler knuckles?

What was the wall thickness of the piping used in the AB brakes added to
PRR X-29 boxcars in 1948?

What was the relative strength of Youngstown ends vs Dreadnaught ends vs
Despatch Shop ends vs Pullman PS-1 ends, with complete structural

Where did the pigments come from that were used in making the green paint
on EJ&E box cars?

How old were the pipe fitters who added the AB brakes to that PRR X-29 in

What RRs box cars were used to ship Firestone tires in the 30s? Did they
blow out then too?

What was the temperature of the crushed ices used in SFRD reefers in the
20s? 30s? Where the cars shaken or stirred?

How were the light bulb packed in those GE covered hoppers?

What railroads box cars had the fuzziest wood siding?

Ooops, I didn't mean that last question. Where the heck is the delete
key now that I need it? After all, I use it so rarely. Oh well, sorry.

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