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Thanks Jace,

I mentioned that to my buddy, but he just wanted a stand-in for one of the DL&W 0-8-0's: said that it was close! My reply was "O-K-A-Y!" Surprising since this person is a stickler for doing it right!

Now if I could only find an engine that could be re-worked to be a Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain 2-8-0 #37 which was a standard off-the- shelf Baldwin.


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Justin Kahn wrote:

Um, Tom, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am pretty sure the DL&W
didn't have any USRA 0-8-0's; their only 0-8-0's, as I recall, were the
homebuilts from 4-6-2's to keep the shop crews employed during the
Depressions. Now the ERIE had USRA-type 0-8-0's...
Sorry to have to deal with the head end of a freight train rather than the
Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

> >
> > I have a buddy that just purchased a Proto-2000 USRA 0-8-0
> > switcher that
> > apparently is a match for the 0-8-0's that the Lackawanna used. He is
> > asking if anyone knows who makes accurate DL&W decals for steam
> > locomotives. He advises that the Champ set lettering for the
> > tender is
> > too large and cannot be used.
> >
> > If anyone has an idea of what would be correct to use, please advise.
> > Thanking you all in advance!
> >
> > Tom Olsen
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