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Shawn Beckert wrote

Well, I tried searching the archives to get an idea of which type
of Dalman was more common, plain bolster or lateral motion. I
found little information on this. So, if I have a lot of steam-era kits
in the closet (and I do) what percentage of each design should I
have on hand: 50/50, 25/75? Some other proportion?
Available from Tahoe Model Works is a two page list of cars equipped with Dalman 2 Level trucks, divided between plain and lateral motion, and including HO resin and plastic freight cars matching the prototypes. This was compiled from what books and magazines I have, so is not complete, but should be useful.

To acquire this list, either mail a #10 SASE to the address below including a note for the Dalman list (and this will get you on the mailing list for future product announcements) or e-mail me at b.leppert@..., although I think your computer will need Microsoft Word to receive it.

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