Re: Red Caboose X29 patch panels

Paul Lyons

The patch panels on the RC kits I do not believe are correctly tooled as a typical representation of how this repair was carried out. They are rendered as if a continuous plate was welded all the way across the bottom of the car. From a technical point of view, this has never made much sense to me as the "patch" weld where you transitioned over the lap seams would be a real problem to execute. My clear answer of how "patch" panels were applied came at Cocco Beach this year. Ted Culotta in his presentation had a photo of an X 29 in just the right sunlight to high-light the "patch" panels. Although the "patch" panel on this car was the same height all the way across the bottom, the "patches" were clearly distinct sheets, each the width of the panel they were "patching", and not one continuous sheet as represented on the RC model. Clearly the bottom two or three rivets at each seam had been removed, the old panel cut away, a new "patch" plate welded to the bottom of the panel and the panel seam re-riveted. I spoke with Richard Hendrickson about the photo while it was being presented and he confirmed, that to his knowledge, this was how the patches were applied. It also clearly illustrates why there was more than one height. The worker doing the "patching" simply removed what needed to be removed from each panel solely on a need to replace basis. Obviously, making one torch cut along a single line and having all the the replacement "patch" panels the same size was easier and quicker. I await my Pennsy peers thoughts on the matter.........

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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Jim: I can answer part of the question, RC retooled the early PRR X29 (good
for B&O M-26b). I am still at work so I don't have a car to measure the
height of the patch panels. They are already out, I have 11 decorated bodies
and 2 undecs I bought off Andy Carlson (No relation). Warning the kits are
expensive, $2 less than the RTR. Red Caboose's way to sell less kits.

I do know from looking at prototype photo's they were not all the same height
on the PRR.

Brian J Carlson

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 00:28:57 -0000, jim_mischke wrote

I understand Red Caboose is coming out with PRR X29 bodies with
patch panels.

- What is the height of the PRR patch panels? B&O's M-26 patch
panels were 15" high.

Red caboose produces three bodies, differing by rivet lines and
panel lap arrangemebts: (1) ARA standard (good for B&O M-26a) (2)
early PRR X29 (good for B&O M-26b) and (3) late PRR X29

- Which one of these three bodies has Red Caboose retooled with
patch panels??

Any insights would be appreciated.

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