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Several years ago I bought from the NKP Historical Society a
painted McKean Range DD 40' boxcar with a diagonal panel roof and
4-4 ends. Before I spend a lot of time making up for the underframe
and> > other parts shortcomings to get the car up to contemporary
standards I thought I would see if any one in the group can comment
on how accurate this model is. The car number is NKP 22101 and has
a > 12' door opening.
The car has 3-5 panel riveted sides and fishbelly side sills.
Built > > date which I expect the society researched is 10-29 and
weigh data > > shows AX 10-52.


Bill McCoy
I am gratified to be (finally) answering a question instead of
one! The Summer 2005 Nickel Plate Technical and Historical Society
Magazine has an article about these cars, with photos and NKP
diagrams. Backissues are probably available from the NKPHTS.
Unfortunately, these cars aren't as prototypical as I would wish.
The paint is accurate, I bet, but there are limitations in the
McKean > kit used. After looking at the article, I considered
stripping mine,
replacing all the details, etc, but then I'd be scrapping a limited-
release car! Even still, the Dreadnaught ends of the protoype had
thick, flattened ribs where the (3) panels were riveted together.
I have no idea how to model those.
What I've decided to do is to keep the kit as-built, but the
diagonal panel roof really bothers me. The prototype had a Murphy
roof, and
the kit has a very thick plastic roofwalk that represents a metal
walk. Neither will do on my 1937 layout! However, I am betting
a Red Caboose roof (Walthers part #629-800001) will improve things
greatly, and since the roof is a press fit, it wont be permanent
hurt the collector's value of the car. I believe that Pollyscale
Special Oxide Red is pretty close to a match for color.
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Dean Payne
Oops! I got the color recommendation wrong! I remembered that the
PRR gon that looks "close" I had painted with a combo of Special
Oxide Red and Zinc Chromate Primer, and I'm pretty sure that Zinc
Chromate was the major component! I'd recommend 75% Zinc Chromate
and 25% Specail Oxide as a starting point for the NKP car, maybe even
90/10. I'll post my results when I get my roofs in. Sorry for
leading anybody astray!
Dean Payne

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