Re: Red Caboose X29 patch panels

Bruce Smith

On Sun, February 11, 2007 12:28 pm, cobrapsl@... wrote:
The patch panels on the RC kits I do not believe are correctly tooled as a
typical representation of how this repair was carried out.
My clear answer of how "patch" panels were
applied came at Cocco Beach this year. Ted Culotta in his presentation had
a photo of an X 29 in just the right sunlight to high-light the "patch"
panels. Although the "patch" panel on this car was the same height all the
way across the bottom, the "patches" were clearly distinct sheets, each
the width of the panel they were "patching", and not one continuous sheet
as represented on the RC model.
I await my Pennsy peers thoughts on the matter.........

Paul Lyons

The RC patch panels are absolutely prototypical. Long and intense study
of the X29 patch panels indicates that it depends on when the panels were
applied and by whom. Early on, you tend to see individual patches such as
those you describe and as pictured in Richard's photo. However, when it
became obvious that ALL of the panels would eventually need to be patched,
the patches were made up of a single piece that stretched from the end to
the door and there is plenty of photographic evidence for this as well.
Indeed, there is also evidence of panels that were intermediate in size,
covering more than one panel, but not the whole side. If you wish to
model the earlier style patches, you can use self adhesive metal foil for
the individual patches on an original RC body.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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