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I've managed to piece together some information about P&N freight cars.

Dump cars:

In the 1931 Car Builders' Cyc there is on page 437 a photo of a Koppel 20
cubic yard dump car, number 8550. Probably for MoW, and lasted into at
least the 1950s - in the Fetters book there's a picture in which one can
be seen (p144), with no wires over the tracks, marking it as being after

Is there further information out there besides the 31 Cyc about the
"Koppel 20 cu. yd. Rolling Trunion Type RT-1 Dump Car"? On the same page
of that Cyc is a picture of a Reading car (#91455), identified in the
caption as being of the same type, but 30 cu. yd. There are also other
notable differences between the two, especially the reservoir(s).
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This comes into the realm of "further infomation". . . maybe not "useful information". . .

These cars were made a few miles north of here in Koppel, PA. Here are some internet sites that may or may not be of interest. (history of Koppel Car Co.) (pictures of dump cars built by KCC) (indicates that the plant lasted 1907 - 1937) (shows some KCC electric dump cars)


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