Re: Red Caboose X29 patch panels

Bruce Smith

On Sun, February 11, 2007 5:06 pm, cobrapsl@... wrote:

I do not doubt what you say, but I have never seen a clear photo of the
installation as you describe it. I would very much appreciate someone
either sending me a photo scan of this installation, or pointing me to a
reference photo I can look it up. Furthermore, I continue to have a
problem understanding how you weld over the lap seam with a continuous
piece of plate material, without having a 3/8" gap to deal with at each
seam, which defies good welding practices. Again, not arguing, I just
want to understand.

Paul Lyons
Hi Paul,

Here's a great shot (it will take some time to load) of a PRR X29 in PC
work service.
The patch being a single piece is obvious.

Other on-line photos that support this (although they are not as clear) are: (requires

Note that the third of these cars is at the RR Museum of PA at Strasburg
and so continues to be available for inspection. I have additional photos
of that car from Bill Lane, and the single panel nature of the patch is
quite clear. What's also neat about that car is that you can see the
outline of the cut off interior ends of the panels on the exterior of the

As for how this would be welded? Beats me! "I'm a doctor, not a
welder"<VBG>. Larry? ;^)


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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