Re: Freight Cars in Manitowoc Wisconsin on CNW

CJ Riley

At the risk of perpetuating an off list topic: when stream flow was originally
measured at the junction at Cairo IL, the upper US was in flood so the heaviest
flow was down what is now the Mississippi. By standard practice therefore, the
Mississippi was determined to come from the north. In reality, the normal
heavier flow is from the Ohio, so technically, the head of the Allegheny in
western New York (or perhaps the Monongahela in WVA) is the actual beginning of
the Mississippi and what comes from Wisconsin is some other river.

Maybe that's what Fearless Leader was thinking about.

CJ Riley

--- Richard Hendrickson <> wrote:

On Feb 11, 2007, at 6:55 PM, Mike Brock wrote:

Richard Hendrickson notes:

"In short, our list CEO is a great list leader but a lousy geographer."

Well...I dunno about being a great list leader but I just took a look
and...regretfully...even the mouth of the Mississippi [ my fallback ]
to be west of Manitowoc. Too bad. OTOH, I've never claimed Colorado is
the East <G>...and, with that, we return to frt cars.

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