Re: Freight Cars in Manitowoc Wisconsin on CNW

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

CJ Riley notes:

"By standard practice therefore, the
Mississippi was determined to come from the north. In reality, the normal
heavier flow is from the Ohio, so technically, the head of the Allegheny in
western New York (or perhaps the Monongahela in WVA) is the actual beginning of
the Mississippi and what comes from Wisconsin is some other river."

Precisely. Well...probably not. In fact, the "Fearless Leader" wasn't thinking at all and violated his normal practice of double checking matters that are not absolutely clear to everyone [ like...UP frt cars were better than those of others ]. Incidentally, to hopefully end this examination of rivers, east of Cairo, IL [ located in the Midwest ], the Tennessee River flows into the Mississippi...ooops...The Ohio. Back in the 60's during a particularly bad flood situation on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, TVA turned the Tennessee "off". The large number of dams on the Tennessee allowed this to happen for awhile. TVA was formed originally to control the continual flooding of the Tennessee. BTW, while the TVA did, indeed, improve flooding matters a great deal and provided enormous electrical power to the region [ hence, Oak Ridge and Alcoa, both huge users of electrical power ], it did not completely end such I noted on more than one occasion. And, now, this terminates the subject of rivers.

Mike Brock

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