Re: Freight Cars in Manitowoc Wisconsin on CNW

Russ Strodtz <sheridan@...>

It still says on the front page of the "Fort Worth Star-Telegram",
"Where The West Begins". That was Amon Carter's idea. Think he was
probably right.


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On Feb 11, 2007, at 6:55 PM, Mike Brock wrote:

> Richard Hendrickson notes:
> "In short, our list CEO is a great list leader but a lousy geographer."
> Well...I dunno about being a great list leader but I just took a look
> and...regretfully...even the mouth of the Mississippi [ my fallback ]
> looks
> to be west of Manitowoc. Too bad. OTOH, I've never claimed Colorado is
> in
> the East <G>...and, with that, we return to frt cars.

Now, Mike, I never said that Colorado was in the east. What I said was
that, from my perspective as a lifelong resident of the Pacific Coast
states, the east begins at the Front Range, and by that reckoning only
EASTERN Colorado is in the east; more than half of Colorado is in the
west. Eastern Colorado is, both geographically and culturally,
actually Western Kansas. To bring this back to freight cars (sort of),
railroads like the Rio Grande and (of course) the Union Pacific were
western, while railroads like the Rock Island and Missouri Pacific
clearly were not. Nor were the Burlington and Chicago & Northwestern,
as their lines in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana were all east of the

Richard Hendrickson

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