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Not a significant difference, but actually there were 501. H-31A, #249990
(220842-221341 were classed H-31B) was built in early 1942 (probably a
proof-of-concept, like gon #343432 and box car #119991). At any rate, it
doesn't change the significance of the photo!


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I had a John Teichmoeller moment the other day. Ever since getting his
book on PRR steel hoppers, I've been ignoring the foreground of published
photos (especially those diesels) and looking at car types...

On page 317 of Pennsy Power III, there is a photo from 1966 of Altoon PA,
with no less than 4 PRR H31c war emergency twin hoppers! Now since only
500 H31 were originally built and many had been scrapped by then, the
likelihood of randomly catching 4 together has to be pretty slim! Several
conclusions are possible, but the one I keep coming back to is that these
cars may be headed for class repairs (unlikely) or scrap... Why else would
there be 4 congregated at the same location?

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