Re: PRR Express Boxcars

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Jerry Michels asked:
"Did the PRR X29s in express service ride on some sort of high-speed

Yes; however, while attempts were made to improve the ride of these
cars at high speed using coil-elliptic spring pacakges, coil spring
and snubber packages, Elsey trucks, and GSC BX express trucks (the
last two on very few cars), large numbers of these cars remained on
Class 2D-F8 freight trucks.

"If so, what would be the best truck to use?"

In HO scale:
- Bowser or Kadee 2D-F8
- Bowser 2D-F12
- Walthers GSC BX

The Elsey trucks are a unique leaf-spring design that don't match
anything currently on the market:

Ben Hom

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