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In many cases railroad books are done because the author and/or publisher
have a particular interest in the subject. I'm not suggesting that there is
*no* profit in the deal, but that for many authors the return can represent
an hourly rate of something representing just a few percent of the minimum
wage; to do something like this requires enthusiasm beyond simple financial

The other point to consider is that a book is limited to what was available
when it went to press and that can be some very considerable period of time
before it hits the shelves in your local store or library.

Online information can be updated more quickly if there is the time and
enthusiasm to do it. However it sometimes suffers from being widely spread
over the internet - the archives of this list, the search page old
Freightcars list, and resources located are all
very useful.

You just need to be prepared to do some clicking and reading and to be
prepared to read the whole thread of any email discussions - earlier posts
may contain errors which are corrected later in the thread.


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Well, maybe a list like that would turn out to be rather small, about
which model cars were very true replicas of the prototypes. But,
perhaps one (or more) of the prototype masters on this list could
produce such a book or booklet for SALE on the subject.

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