Re: ACL/SAL Covered Hoppers on Wabash


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I got a yard log for Martinsburg, MO 1958, (Wabash)

Digging thru the archives I see a fair amount of fertilizer came
from Florida.

Any one have an idea as to what make of LO (I assume) these are?
I'm really more interested what would be appropriate for 1950.

The following hoppers appear,
Apr 29
ACL | 87156 | LH | Fertz | Kersting & Fennewald
ACL | 87025 | LH | Fertz | Kersting & Fennewald

Apr 30
ACL | 87156 | EH | Mty | Pierce Fla.
ACL | 87025 | EH | Mty | Pierce Fla.
Addendum to my previous post: Pierce *is* in the Bone Valley, 4.6
miles south of Mulberry on the old Charlotte Harbor & Northern.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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