Corrected links to Excel file version of 1950 ORER

laramielarry <ostresh@...>

The links got garbled in my last post. Here ist what I intended to say:

As a reminder: All of you have free access to the Excel file version
of the July 1950 ORER. It contains the car heights from which you can
construct many of the tables above. It also has a rudimentary division
into DS/SS/Steel (collations of USRA DS, USRA SS files, and several
files that divide "steel" into 1923 ARA, 1932 ARA, etc., up to 50' PS1 –
all posted at various times by members of this group.). This file can
be downloaded from Mike Brock's Steam Era Freight Car Analysis (STEFA)
site. To access the file, you will first need to become a member of the

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