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Paul Hillman

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On Feb 16, 2007, at 5:54 PM, Paul & Bernice Hillman wrote:
One case in point. I impetuosly purchased Walthers, Proto 2000

Mather 40ft Stock Car, GM&O
Mather 40ft boxcar, C&IM
Mather 40ft Boxcar, C&EI
Richard wrote:

The Proto 2000 line was carefully researched from the outset.
That's not to say that every model is 100% accurate, but errors were
generally minor and inadvertant. All three of the Mather models you
purchased are prototypically correct for some point in time, but
whether they're correct on your model RR depends on the date it

Thanks Richard for your input & verification of these car's accuracy.

I model around 1947, the last year for C&EI steam, and the car-types
are current for that period.

Of course it's true that the car's build/rebuild date is highly
relevant to the period one's modelling and has to be considered when
purchasing, painting & building a model car.

To the bottom left of the car's side doors there's a date, IE) C.R.5-
43. What does that literally mean? I presume it's the rebuild date,
as "Car Rebuilt 5-43"?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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