Vulcan and other ends, etc.


elusive and short lived Vulcan end.
potential patent. It didn't stay on the market long, but some were
applied to cars built for a few roads.
Do you know who else used these, and for how long? Any ideas as to whether
any were found on cars in interchange in 1952?

On a similar note, I'd be curious about the Van Dorn and the Deco. Who had
cars with these on them, and were they still interchanged in '52?

Recently, a new venture has started making CBC's with newly expired
Copyrights available on CD at a very reasonable price. See:

I've purchased the 1922 Car Builder's Cyclopedia and am very pleased.
I think for $30 plus shipping, you'll find the answers to a lot of
your questions about the P&N freightcars.
I visited the site and went to order one, but they gave only one shipping
option to Canada, and that at $42. Having seen a friend's original copy of
a 1928 CBC, I now have a good idea of how useful having one will be, but
to pay such a high price for shipping - more than the cost of the product!
- ... no. I sent them an email to ask if they have any other shipping
possibilities. I don't need overnight UPS.


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