Re: USRA SS boxcars, and roofs


All of the single sheathed box cars built for the USRA had Murphy
flexible metal XLA roofs, though these were sometimes replaced with all
steel roofs of various types in later years. Some of the postwar USRA
clones ordered by individual railroads (e.g., Wabash) had other roofs,
of course. Doors and ends were also the same on all USRA cars though,
again, steel doors sometimes replaced the original wood doors after the
cars had been in service for a long time. Don't confuse the many
single sheathed box cars built to other designs during the 1920s with
USRA cars, e.g. the Ann Arbor 73750 series noted above; though a lot of
them bore a superficial resemblance to USRA cars, they were in fact
quite different.
Ah, yes. I've actually noticed this, but i was rather unclear with my
intent. What I meant is, a list of 9-panel Howe Truss cars. Since these
are superficially quite similar to each other, I figured a list which
included the USRA cars could be useful from a modelling point of view. For
now I don't want to concern myself with other truss and panel
arrangements, just the 9-panel Howe...

Regards, Frank

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