Re: More on Hutchins ends


Thank you for this information, much new and useful data there!

Now what would be interesting is to find out what happened to the 15 that
weren't sold to the AC&Y.

Regards, Frank

I've just posted two photos on STMFC... one shows the tapered Hutchins
ends on AC&Y Stores Car #4... one of 150 ex-P&N autoboxes acquired in
1939 which became the AC&Y 2000-series, roster mainstays until the late
60's in tire service. Pressed Steel built the P&N 24,000-series in
September 1925, but 15 identical cars were also home-built by P&N.
Drawings or builder's photos for the P&N 24000-series have yet to
surface. I understand the cars conform to the ARA 1924 standard,
employing the Pratt truss design (forming a "W"). All 165 cars were 50-
ton, 2926 cubic-foot capacity riding on Bettendorf U-section trucks.
The 5' truck center (king pin) location, like the X-29 and another
spotting feature, places the lead edge of the wheel almost at the end
of the car. The Hutchins ends and dry-lading roof, separate ladders,
8'6" interior height and 1�-doors gave them a distinctive appearance.
A second photo from Tom Fetters is Piedmont & Northern publicity
photo. P&N freight motor No. 5602 poses near Greenville with a full
train of newer single-sheathed boxcars. The first three are the P&N
12000-series single-door cars, but thereafter are the P&N 24000-series
1�-door auto cars later acquired by the AC&Y. Bob Lucas

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