Re: Whats a 1913 "Barber" Truck?

Bob Karig <karig@...>

I believe that most people reading this discussion realize that (1) we have not been discussing Bettendorf T-section side frames but rather side frames with separable journal boxes, e.g., "Andrews" side frames, and (2) the same principle applies to side frames with separable journal boxes as Dr. Hendrickson made with Bettendorf side frames, that is, to label all side frames with separable journal boxes as "Andrews" is commiting the same sin as labeling all side frames with integral journal boxes as "Bettendorf."

This is the last that I plan to say on this matter.

Bob Karig

What Mr. Karig either fails to realize or wilfully ignores is that
the quotation from Mr. Hendrickson is about cast steel sideframes
generally, mislabeled by modelers as "Bettendorf," while the more
recent discussion on this list is about the original Bettendorf trucks,
with T-section sideframes. To confuse these two situations is either to
try and evade history, or to be unable to understand it. I leave it to
Mr. Karig to tell us which one it is.

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