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Of course it's true that the car's build/rebuild date is highly
relevant to the period one's modelling and has to be considered
purchasing, painting & building a model car.
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... Standard practice was to paint over the old data
and stencil the new reweigh station symbol and date over it (as
as new light weight and load limit, if those had changed) –
of course, the entire car was in need of repainting.

Richard Hendrickson
Which makes re-weight dates a non-issue when buying model
Since many, if not most, of the cars in service were running with
station symbol and date applied over a patch of fresh and different
looking paint, simply paint over the existing date, or cover it
with a
small rectangle cut from pre-painted decal sheet, and add the new
with decals. The same procedure can be used with the journal repack
information usually stenciled over the right truck, which also was
changed periodically. Air brake equipment was also serviced
periodically and the date stenciled on the car, but as it was
stenciled on the reservoir, road grime on freightcars quickly hid

These periodic inspection dates are still applied to freightcars
today, but since the introduction of the black "consolidated
in the sixties, all the dates are stick-on numbers, and we no longer
see the painted patches behind the stenciled information.

I have seen (and sometimes done when in a hurry to get a car on the
layout) the reweigh dates just covered over with weathering when the
car was otherwise properly painted for the modeled period. Now I am
wondering if this date would have been an area where weathering would
have been cleaned off (also a good modeling technique for ladders,
grabs, etc.)each time the car was loaded.
Just how incorrect is it to run a car with a weathered over reweigh
Bill Williams

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