Re: More on Hutchins ends

Bob Lucas

The P&N was adversely affected during the Depression, particularly the
on-line cotton trade. The original need for automobile boxes had also
diminished. The 1939 AC&Y transaction was brokered by Georgia Car &
Locomotive. My guess is the buyers had the "pick of the litter",
taking the best 150 of the remaining serviceable cars. The 15 not
taken may have been retired... as by late 1941, the ORER shows no
revenue freight equipment on the P&N roster. AC&Y paid $600 each for
the P&N autocars. They were given AC&Y reporting marks at Greenville
and billed to Akron where they were reconditioned. There are excellent
disposition records for these cars while they served on the AC&Y for
almost 30-years. What is surprizing is the carnage that took place
during the steam era. A substantial number were wrecked through the
40's and 50's in off-line derailments Nationwide. Bob Lucas

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