Tom's 1938 Register

Shawn Beckert


Some or all of you may be familiar with the above
mentioned book title. It's been reviewed by Bill
Jewett in the Operations-Industry SIG newsletter,
the "Dispatchers Office". Well, I received my copy
in the mail Monday night and I'm impressed as all
get-out. As far as I'm concerned everyone on this
list should have one.

The book lists the businesses and industries all
across the United States that were around in 1938.
I wouldn't say it's *all* of them, but by golly
there's quite enough. The book gives the name of a
company, where it was located, what it produced,
and what railroad(s) it was served by.

That's just for starters. There are also maps of
regions where certain crops and commodities were
concentrated, as well as the time of year when
crops were harvested in that area. Plus a large
bibliography and other good bits of information.

The web site for this book is located at:

I invite you to go check it out. I have my copy
here at work if you have any questions. No, I don't
have any vested interests, but I'll tell you-this is
the book I would have written had I the time and the
resources. My interests lean more towards 1944-1960,
but the information in here still has validity. All
those companies didn't disappear right at 1939!

Shawn Beckert

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