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On Feb 17, 1:54am, Paul & Bernice Hillman wrote:
Subject: [STMFC] Re: Accurate STMFC freight car list

Well, maybe a list like that would turn out to be rather small, about
which model cars were very true replicas of the prototypes. But,
perhaps one (or more) of the prototype masters on this list could
produce such a book or booklet for SALE on the subject.


John Nehrich has published such a guide through the RPI Club. I
will leave it to you and Google to come up with a citation.

I will note two things:
1) Not everyone on this list will necessarily agree with John's
classification of what is accurate and what is not.
2) We have covered this topic several times before, and no consensus has
ever been reached. That should not preclude you, however, from making the
attempt, if you so desire.

If you'd like to see how big a quagmire this really is, take just
one "accurate" car and make a statement about it. For example, "The
Intermountain 'PFE R-40-23' is an accurate model of a PFE R-40-23 reefer."



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