Re: P2K Mathers cars accuracy

Paul Hillman


The Walthers, GM&O stockcar, #108051, has a reweigh date of C.R.10-
51. Would that make it an 1949 Alton car? What P2K "correct" car for
1947 are you referring to? Excuse my temporary ignorance here but,
who makes it?? What are the physical differences such that the
Walthers car just couldn't be relettered/repainted/reworked?

Strange that the C&IM car has such a color mistake. Mine has a
reweigh date of C.R.5-43. C&IM never did a yellow & black scheme?

I'm modeling the Chicago area, circa 1947, with one center-point of
Dolton, Illinois, where 7 railroads crossed. Those were very
interesting RR days back then & there.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

--- In STMFC@..., "Ray Breyer" <rbreyer@...> wrote:

The GM&O Mathers car is wrong for your date of 1947. The Mathers
cars on the
GM&O roster came from the Alton, which was absorbed in 1949. You
need the
P2K Alton cars, which are decorated correct.

The C&IM car is completely screwed up. The cars are decorated with
sides and black roofs and ends. The cars should correctly be
painted with
orange sides and mineral red roof and ends. The lettering itself is
I'm using them as-is for now, but will eventually try to "fix" the
cars, by
repainting the black and attempting to "orange up" the sides with a
wash and
lots of weathering.

Ray Breyer
Modeling the Peoria, IL, area circa 1949.

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