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Ray Breyer <rbreyer@...>

Hi Paul,

The Walthers, GM&O stockcar, #108051, has a reweigh date of C.R.10-
51. Would that make it an 1949 Alton car?
It looks like the "new" GM&O repainted Alton equipment quickly after the
merger. The 1950 ORER only lists two car types that were still lettered for
the Alton, and neither were the Mathers cars. They're listed as having GM&O
reporting marks, so I suspect that these 275 cars were sent back to Mathers
in 1949 and quickly relettered. A 10-51 repack date would make these cars
mostly appropriate for a 1952-1954 set layout.

What P2K "correct" car for 1947 are you referring to? Excuse my temporary
ignorance here but, who makes it?? What are the physical differences such
that the Walthers car just couldn't be relettered/repainted/reworked?
P2K came out with a double deck kit lettered for the Alton, P/N 30941 (also
available as RTR and as six packs of kits and RTR). They're listed as in
stock on the Walthers website. I haven't run across any photos of Alton
Mathers stock cars, so I'm running mine as they came straight out of the

Strange that the C&IM car has such a color mistake. Mine has a
reweigh date of C.R.5-43. C&IM never did a yellow & black scheme?
The jury's out on C&IM colors for their Mathers cars. Some old-timers from
the area claim to remember yellow C&IM boxcars, but the only color photos
that I have show them as orange. Paul Stringham's excellent book on the C&IM
mentions them as being yellow. Until I actually see some PROOF that these
cars were at one time painted yellow and black, I'm sticking with orange and

I'm modeling the Chicago area, circa 1947, with one center-point of
Dolton, Illinois, where 7 railroads crossed. Those were very
interesting RR days back then & there.
Dolton IS a pretty interesting area to model. My new layout will be anchored
by Bloomington (NKP/P&E/IC/GM&O/ITC) and Gibson City (NKP/IC/Wabash). There
are hundreds of great interchange towns in Illinois that would make neat
layouts; too bad most modelers consider the Midwest to be less than
interesting to model!

Ray Breyer

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