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That guy would get along great with a hold track Clerk that worked for the
St Paul at Bensenville. They would send various odd cars to the IHB with
just a piece of paper that said what road the car went to. When these cars
showed up and you called him his first question was, "Who did you get the
car from?" When we replied, "From the IHB", his standard answer was "Then
it's a problem between you and the IHB and none of my business."

The St Paul had a car distributor in Chicago that was adamant that the BN
owned the cars lettered "RBNX". I doubt that many of these cars got loaded
very often since they spent weeks bouncing back and forth. IIRC someone
finally thought of a dodge and started "Home Shopping" them. I think FGE
had to provide us with a routing to Potomac Yard.

I know, out of scope. I'm sure that there were the same problems before
1960, just different versions.


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Did I tell you about the night the yard clerk check an out bound
train and had one car they could not find any paper work on it. They
looked every. So someone said call Joe ( he was the clerk that just
went off duty) he will know about it. So they did and he said it was
going to Kansas City. They then ask him what was in it and he said to
put it down a lumber. They said that can not be as this was a tank
car. Joe said "Why do you care. You do not have to unload it".
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