Re: Chalk marks

Tim O'Connor


I just meant they do not use chalk or graphite. Yes there must be a binder
to hold the pigment together. I have used artist pencils to add color to running
boards, highlight tank car bands and door tracks, highlight rivets, etc -- very
easy to do, very quick, and effective. I bought them at a local 'paper store'.

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From: "Paul & Bernice Hillman" <chris_hillman@...>

Thank you, Tim and Ben. I will probably try the pencil route before
trying to get the dried black ink out of my finest Rapidograph pens!
Tim, what do you mean by "pigment-based"? If I remember right, colored
pencils have a binder that is oily or waxy (they are, literally, closer
kin to crayons than to graphite pencils) and does make them stick.

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