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UP LA&SL, XM, Box, 132000-132292, 40'0", 6'0", 100000, 1
Bettendorf underframe, wood supertructure. Double sheathed.

UP OWR&N, XM, Box, 301000-301113, 40'0", 6'0", 100000, 1

UP LA&SL, XM, Box, 304800-304871, 40'0", 6'0", 100000, 2

Good job, Jeff! Here is the updated summary table:

Total______100.0%__ _23,362

Also, I think I know what one of the last 3 Unknowns is: It is the
rather famous UP 100100, renumbered! I'm not absolutely sure of this,
but let me give you the evidence and you can tell me whether you agree.

The car I think is 100100 is:

Road, AAR, Kind, Series, IL, Door, Capy, Qty
UP, XM, Box, 121999-121999, 40'6", 6'0", 100000, 1

In his book "Union Pacific Freight Cars, 1936-51", Terry Metcalf
describes this single-car series as "AAR Boxcar" ("Appendix D, Roster by
Class as of October, 1951"). Terry also includes a reprint of the 1946
ORER in his book - it does not list 121999, but 100100 is listed: The
ORER dimensions etc. given for 100100 in 1946 are EXACTLY the same
dimesions as given for 121999 in both the July 1950 ORER and in the NMRA
reprint of the January 1953 ORER. Interestly, in all three ORER
entries, even though the series is just a single car, "alternative"
values are listed for Outside Width at Eaves (8'10" or 9'7") and for
Outside Height to Eaves (12'11 or 12'9) - I'm not sure how a single car
can have alternative values!!!

So what do you think? Does 121999 = 100100? If so, I'll mark it as DS
and give you the credit, since it was your tenacity that made me dig

Thanks, Jeff!

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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