Kahn's Car Update... Cocoa Beach 2007 project

Greg Martin

Hey Yuze Gize,

Just a couple of updated regarding the Kahn's Car Project from Cocoa Beach

1) The cars with 6-inch sills were car that were 12'-2" tall to the exterior
eves. The cars with the 8-inch sill were cars that were 12'-7" tall to the
exterior eves and were built in 1929. So for those who want to use the kit
instructions to represent the FGEX or WFEX cars that ACCURAIL offers pre-painted
just follow the directions in the kit as if you were building the Kahn's car.

2) In my instructions I recommend that you touch up the paint on the Kahn's
car with Reefer Yellow and that would be wrong as it is to Yellow as Bill
Welch points out. I found a great nearly exact match by mixing 50% Reefer Yellow
with 50% SP Daylight Orange. The match even caught me by surprise.

3) Remember the brake equipment placement in the article is correct for this
car and it differs significantly from the data in the Sunshine kit.

My car is done except for the weathering. I will try to post photos of the
car this weekend and I also have photos of all the KCS cars added to the photo
folder as well.

Bill McCoy email me off list I have more data for you and I have lost your
email address...

More to follow regarding this years project car...

Greg Martin
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