Re: Chalk marks

Malcolm H. Houck

Further to the discussion of chalk marks, don't forget that car inspectors
chalk marked cars for either bad order or R.I.P. track placement.

As far as I know, most roads had a series of "Codes" used by wheel
inspectors, largely only numeric in form, each number for which denoted some defect;
-- such as "cracked wheel," "loose wheel," "bent" or "shelled out." I'm not
aware of any standardized numerology to any of this.

Since each railroad [may have] had specific lists and concise meanings to
the inspectors "codes" there was no mistaking any one chalked notation.
Furthermore, and since a wheel defect would've been attended before the car was
moved, the original mark would likely be crossed out or defaced by the car shop
guys after they'd finished their work.

Mal Houck

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