Re: Santa Fe & Union Pacific Sample Cars

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Interestly, in all three ORER entries, even though the series is just
a single car, alternative values are listed for Outside Width at
Eaves (8'10" or 9'7") and for Outside Height to Eaves (12'11 or
12'9) - I'm not sure how a single car can have alternative values of
these dimensions!!!

These aren't alternate dimensions, they're multiple dimensions. This
was often done in the listings for cars with Z bar eaves, since the
category asks for the width, "At eaves or top of sides", which are at
different places on these cars. The way it reads, the car is 8'-10"
wide at a point 12'-11" from the rail, which would be over the roof
panels attached to the upper leg of the Z, and 9'-7" wide at a point
12'-9" from the rail, which would be the actual top of the side.

The extreme width is wider still, as it is measured over the door
hardware or ladders, whichever is wider


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