Re: Chalk marks - modeling

Ned Carey <nedspam@...>

Richard Hendrickson and Tim O'Connor spoke of using pencils for chalk marks. I have tried several brands of pencils to make these and just can't get it to work well. The pigment just doesn't stick well enough for me. But when it works it loks the best.

I think the Clover house dry transfers are the easiest. I use a combo of decals, dry transfers and pencils.

One idea to make the dry transfers or decals look better to use real chalk powders over the decals. Use either a white chalk to represent a smeared chalk mark or the body color of the car over the chalk mark to tone down the mark.

Looking at pictures of cars that have a lot of marks on them you will see a range of very fresh crisp marks to blurry fadded ones. That is something I try to capture.

Ned Carey

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