Current prototype resource books

Schuyler Larrabee

Prototype Modeling, Vol 1 - published by Speedwitch
Prototype Modeling, Vol 2 - published by Speedwitch
Focus on Freight Cars, Vol 1 - Hendrickson, published by Speedwitch
The Postwar Freight Car Fleet - Kline & Culotta, published by NMRA

All probably contributing to a recent marked reduction in the sales of resin car kits due to
modeling budget stress. . . 8^)

I'm not certain about the availability of the first three, but the last appears to be very nearly
out of print, based on the posts here about how hard it is to find.


Dear Schuyler and other listers:

Now I'm cornfuzzled. I have two books, each by Culotta,
volumes one and two of Prototype Railroading, and "Focus on
freightcars " by Hendrickson. Now, is there a new fourth
book? The Post WWII freightcars or somesuch? Sorry, just
picked up the thread.


Rich Nunn

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