ART Reefers redux


Hi Guys,

At long last we have received a shipment of the assembled ART reefers that
have eluded us for so long. This was a partial shipment of 192 out of 600
total. From reservations, we've sold 107 of those already. There are eight
numbers, and they sell for $29.95. You can buy the on e-Bay (search for ART
RTR) or via our website (_www.amarillorailmuseum.com_
( ).

If you reserved cars with us in the last year or so (I know, it's been a
long trek!), I will ship out all the reserved cars on Monday via Priority Mail.
So, if you wonder if yours are included, please wait until late next week.
If you haven't gotten them by that time, drop me a line at
_amarillorail@... (mailto:amarillorail@...) .

By the way, we still ahve a few unnumbered kits left at $18.95 each. These
have some detail misalignment problems, but InterMountain is going to send
replacement directly to our customers in the next month.

Thanks for your support and patience! Now that InterMountain seems to have
a handle on this project, we hope to have ART reefers in various paint
schemes (only valid ART schemes of course) available over the next year.

Jerry Michels
Amarillo Railroad Museum
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