Bellefonte Central Caboose Origin

Jeff English

I have an undated, unattributed, photo of Bellefonte Central 102, a
caboose that is obviously converted from an old box car. It has many
of the spotting features of NYC 36-foot cars built 1914 - 1917 or
perhaps one of the 1912-era cars that had stamped steel ends applied

The car has the 7-7 inwardly-corrugated ends, a fishbelly center sill,
side sills of the NYC-style construction (an angle mostly covered by
the side sheathing) and "Bettendorf" T-section trucks.

The question is, does anybody have access to records that indicate
whether this B.C. caboose is indeed ex-NYC, or somebody else's box car?

Jeff English
Troy, New York
(final resting place of Union Civil War Gen. George Thomas, who is also
subject of a feature article in the March issue of Smithsonian magazine)

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