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have an undated, unattributed, photo of Bellefonte Central 102, a
caboose that is obviously converted from an old box car. It has many
of the spotting features of NYC 36-foot cars built 1914 - 1917 or
perhaps one of the 1912-era cars that had stamped steel ends applied

The car has the 7-7 inwardly-corrugated ends, a fishbelly center sill,
side sills of the NYC-style construction (an angle mostly covered by
the side sheathing) and "Bettendorf" T-section trucks.

The question is, does anybody have access to records that indicate
whether this B.C. caboose is indeed ex-NYC, or somebody else's box car?

Jeff English


The History of the Bellefonte Central is scheduled to be published by
Stackpole Press this Spring. You can contact Mike Bezilla for information on this
road. He may be able to answer your question. See
_ ( for
Mike's e-mail.

Rich Orr
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