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No did'nt feel bad about it,I just happen to have two hoppers from those roads(I think one is an Accurail kit and the other is an Athearn special from CNWHS) and would use them on my eastern based layout.
Now I'm tapping out this rubbish,I seem to recall I have some Stewart CGW & M&StL hoppers up there some where-I wonder if they would look OK in an eastern roads yard?
As I say,ain't too many going to gripe about it where I live in England and it is my model after all!
Best wishes

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No reason to feel bad about that. Most railroaders had no idea
where they were either. Both were small coal roads that were
absorbed by their main


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Thanks to every-one who replied to my message,it makes it easier
understand US practice.
However where I live,I doubt anyone would know what or where the
and Interstate where or was!

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