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In researching some older cars built in the 1900s to about 1916 it seems
that these were more likely to have wider handholds, often around 20-21
inches. That’s not a hard and fast rule, but simply an observation that the
wider type were more often seen on older cars - you still need photos or
drawings to refer to.

Interestingly it seems that some more frugal railroads *may* have reused
fittings from scrapped cars when adding the second hand hold on the left
hand side after these were required. I have a couple of photos where the
original lower hand hold is about 18 inches wide while the upper handhold is
about 21 or 24 inches


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!) What is the typical width of for grab irons used to to detail ?
18" 20" 24"
18" was by far the most common width; however, 14" was the minimum
allowed by AAR standards, and longer grabs could be (and often were)
used where necessary or convenient. The AAR safety appliance
specifications were published in the Car Builders' Cyclopedias and go
on for pages and pages.

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