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-Thanks Larry but I have that article. If you look at the Lackawanna
Line lettering it looks lighter that the other lettering also compare
it to the black ladder. I also have a photo from Bob's Photo taken at
the Worlds Fair that shows this clear [to me] I would guess orange or
light green. In what I have learned about this car I think the sides
were white untill MDT came on the scene when they became MDT
orange.'The Postwar Freight Car Fleet' has a latter photo that looks
like orange sides. James Hickey

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I have two photos of Lackawanna Refrigerator Line [LRX] reefers in
what I believe is the white sides scheme. One in service, one at the
1939 Worlds Fair. In both the lettering 'Lackawanna Refrigerator
Line' looks to be lighter than the other lettering on the side, the
ladders, door hardware, and the bottom green stripe. I would not think
the car on display was faded. I am ready to make decals and hope some
one can help with the colors. James Hickey
I have an old O scale magazine which states the later paint job on the
LRX cars was yellow with a green stripe, and "dark red " ends. If you
send me your postal address I can send you a photocopy of article if
you want.
Larry King

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