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Sorry on this one, I know no more than what's been shared

Roger Hinman

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If you look at the Lackawanna
Line lettering it looks lighter that the other lettering also compare
it to the black ladder. I also have a photo from Bob's Photo taken at
the Worlds Fair that shows this clear [to me] I would guess orange or
light green. In what I have learned about this car I think the sides
were white untill MDT came on the scene when they became MDT
orange.'The Postwar Freight Car Fleet' has a latter photo that looks
like orange sides. James Hickey

I've been waiting to see what the responses to this would be, but
my own
research came up with orange on the reefer at the '39 World's Fair.
The stripe
was green, the lettering black, the ends boxcar red. The LRX was an
reporting mark, so using MDT orange and green would be a good
start. Perhaps
Roger Hinman has more concrete data, and if so I'd love to see it.
Later in life
some of these did see yellow. One of the PRR Glory videotapes shows
a string
of these on the PRR in various colors, including white.

Intermountain offered the PFE reefers in the '39 Fair paint and
about 5 years ago or more. The overall image was realistic, but my
eyes still
saw a PFE car rather than a big ACF reefer. I offered one of the
four numbers
on ebay about two months ago and it sold for more than $150. I felt so
guilty taking the money that I sent him two.

Mike Del Vecchio
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