Intermountain stock car drover's doors

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

After hearing such good things, I am building the Intermountain ATSF
stock car, K brake ver. I don't find it as nice of a kit as some. The
sides/ends have some gaps/mismatches, and I broke the stock finely-
molded sill steps twice each! (I'll replace them with the provided
separate, more durable grabs.) I think the Tichy wood ore car had much
tighter tolerances. The wire grabs are trimmed to size, which is a
nice touch, though.
However, my current question regards the drover's doors. There are two
pairs provided, but the instructions do not have a good enough photo to
be able to tell which goes with the early A.T.&S.F. lettering. (I
model 1937.)
Dean Payne

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